Roller Coaster Dreaming (Part 1)

Twisted Track

December 1, 2010 - Robert Taylor

All of us roller coaster enthusiasts have dreamt of what we wanted to see roller coasters go to in our lifetimes as well as into the far future beyond our lifetimes. There are numerous ideas that have ran through my mind on this and I want to share some of them with the rest of the people in the coaster world. Now some of the ideas I imagined as a kid growing up have already been put into play and actually do exist. One of these ideas was the beyond vertical drop. I imagined this a lot and now here we are with several roller coasters today with drops that go well beyond 90 degrees with the steepest going to 111 degrees.

The first dream coaster I would like to discuss is a roller coaster being built down a sky scraper. Now I believe this would be possible. I am not saying make a huge drop down the side of a sky scraper, as the tension on the wheels as well as the g-forces at the bottom would be beyond extreme. However, imagine how much airtimes riders could get with something like this. For example, a 1,000 foot sky scraper could consist of several 150-200 foot drops down the side of it. A drop could drop down 200 feet, go up 150, drop another 200, up another could more airtime on this kind of coaster than actual positive g-forces. This type would last several minutes as well since you would only be really dropping 50 feet every 10 seconds due to all the hills. Once the coaster finally reached ground level, it could finish out as a regular roller coaster and do a bunch of other elements other coasters on the ground do. I would even add in as elements in the high points too, but I would mainly save the sky scraper portion to get the large amounts of airtime since it would be best suited for this. As far as supports, the building the coaster is going down would have to have a lot of work done to make it coaster safe and coaster ready. Supports would have to attach into the building somehow at an angle that would support the track safely. This is my idea on the sky scraper roller coaster.

My next dream roller coaster would consist of an underwater roller coaster under the ocean somewhere you can see very clearly, such as the Bahamas. The roller coaster would be built entirely in under water, soundproof, glass tunnels that would take riders around beautiful, underwater wild life such as coral, tropical fish, and other animals. The tunnels would be glass proof so the sound would not scare away any of the wild life. The glass would also be specially designed to only look out of and not in from the outside so wild life would not see anything fast moving inside that would scare them away either. The only part of the roller coaster that would not exist underwater would be the lift hill. Even the station would load from underwater and it would be themed very well to go along with the rest of the underwater world. The mechanics and everything that powers the roller coaster would also be above ground to eliminate any underwater noise and pollution.

This is it for my first blog on my dream roller coasters. Keep checking back for my next addition on this series as I will write about another two roller coaster dream designs I hope to see exist in the world some day. As for now, we can only dream!

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