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The No Limits Construction Kit

December 5, 2010 - biZarRo

No Limits has had many users creating tools for making better tracks. There have been tools for terraforming, object creating, track building, heartlining, and flanging supports. This week’s tool can do almost all of that, the No Limits Construction Kit.

The Construction Kit interface is much like the 3D view in the No Limits Editor. You can fly around and highlight certain track pieces, can fly faster by pressing down the shift key and slower with the control button, and the tool bar is at the top of the screen. The toolbar has options that can really spruce up your coaster, like making a model of the track and optimizing the supports. To do this, make an object in the Object Creator, save it as an object creator file, and move the object to the construction kit root folder. In the model menu, you can choose the object file and put the model in the specified spots around the track. This can help make the Intimidator 305 double back bone track and optimize the supports to .3ds file as well.

The width and the height of the supports can also be modified. Different values for different types of supports can alter the supports in the interface. You can also export the track to .3ds for making scenery in other programs. Other things you can do include increasing the speed higher than the editor will allow, mirroring the track or rotating it 90 degrees in either direction, Other options include and flanging and colorizing the supports and colorizing as well.

Probably the reason you downloaded the Construction Kit was to create models. The modeler lets you make a model of track parts such as rails, supports, spines, and even terrain. These can be exported to a .3ds file for modeling programs such as 3ds Max, Wings 3d, or Anim8r. You can also specify what type of track you are making. If you click on Hyper 4-seat and have the spine menu opened, it will change the spine from round to square. In the crossties menu, a crosstie can be created in the Object Creator, and it will calculate the spots to put the crossties.

The No Limits Construction Kit is a great program to use and has a long list of pros, but the program has its fair share of cons as well. For example, if you put in a tooled coaster that has a zero g roll, the roll will be convoluted. Also, the Construction Kit is fairly old and none of the newer types of coasters will be available in the modeler. In conclusion, the No Limits Construction Kit deserves a 6.5/10.

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