Expedition GeForce Accident

Coaster derails after first drop

April 30, 2010 - Kevin Dice

Holiday Park, Hassloch, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany -

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Expedition GeForce accident: 4th car derails at the top of the first camel back hill.

At the time it opened, Expedition GeForce was the second tallest coaster in Germany and the forth Intamin Megacoaster. The ride now stands at 173 feet tall and hits speeds of 74.6mph in its airtime filled 4000 foot long course. Expedition GeForce was the first Megacoaster by Intamin to use four-tubed track and the first to use a cable lift instead of a chain.

Before this Wednesday, Expedition GeForce had a relativity clean track record, with its only prior incident being an October 2009 lift cable snapping. On April 28th, a train climbed the lift hill. It sped down the first drop. At the bottom, the axle and wheel assemblies on the 4th car derailed and the train ground to a halt on the top of the first camel back hill. The 4th and 5th cars hung halfway off of the track, giving the 8 passengers in those cars a little more than their daily dose of thrill. The local fire department had to evacuate 26 passengers from the roller coaster with aerial ladders. So far, the only injuries reported have been minor bruises and shock.

Keep your eyes peeled for additional information as it becomes available.*Thanks to Domenic M. for correcting me.

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