Mr. Six's Dance Coaster Delayed

SFMM puts off adding its 17th coaster till 2011

May 31, 2010 - Ryan Shrout

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Construction Delays: What would be the park's 17th coaster will be delayed until 2011.

Mr. Six's Dance Coaster, the attraction planned to open at Six Flags Magic Mountain for the 2010 season, will now be postponed until 2011.

Park officials have stated this is due to construction delays, as the cement footings have not even been poured let alone vertical construction. Track pieces are at the park and there has been an area cleared for the construction, but little else has happened since.

The ride will be the park's seventeenth coaster, and would tie Six Flags Magic Mountain once again with competitor Cedar Point for the most coasters in a park. Cedar Point will now officially hold the title for at least another season. This will leave Six Flags Magic Mountain with sixteen coasters until the construction begins.

The coaster, themed to Six Flag's popular mascot Mr. Six, previously operated as Road Runner Express at Six Flags New Orleans before it was relocated. It is manufactured by Vekoma, and has a height of about 27 feet. It was originally installed in 2000 as Rex's Rail Runner, and operated until the eventual closing of Six Flags New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

It might be more than just coincidence that 2011 will be Six Flag's 50th Anniversary, with the company having been founded in 1961. The ride will open just in time for the event, and will be located near Deja Vu in the Northwest corner of the park. Six Flags Magic Mountain still plans to open a new attraction for 2010 with the addition of a new water play complex, Mr. Six's Splash Island.

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