Sky Rocket Opens at Kennywood

Premier's latest creation gets rave reviews

July 1, 2010 - Ryan Shrout

Kennywood -

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Old Park, New Tricks: 112 year old park opens state of the art thriller.

The much anticipated Sky Rocket is finally open at Kennywood Park just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After some necessary delays to tweak the ride into running the way they wanted it to, their new Premier Rides launched coaster is blasting its way into the hearts of guests.

Many connect Kennywood with nostalgia and classic wooden rides. Indeed ACE just awarded Roller Coaster Landmark status to the park's Racer and Jack Rabbit coasters. But 2010 is bringing a new type of thrill to the park.

With the first inversions seen at Kennywood since Steel Phantom was retooled into Phantom's Revenge in 2001 and the first launched ride in the entire park, Sky Rocket has opened to rave reviews. The ride is also a first for designer Premier Rides in that it uses Linear Synchronous Motors (LSMs) to get riders up to 50 mph in under 2 seconds, whereas previous coasters of theirs utilized Linear Induction Motors (LIMs).

Other new aspects of the ride include a "Cliffhanger Pause" atop the first of the ride's two 90* drops, and a "Cutback" inversion that has only before been seen on the sadly departed Drachen Fire at BGW. So far the reviews have been great and it looks like Kennywood has a smash hit on their hands. And with new thrills like this coming in, the park looks to be adding a bright future to its rich history.

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