Big Dipper's Future Still Uncertain

Geauga Lake roller coaster still Up in the Air

January 5, 2011 - Robert Taylor

Geauga Lake, Aurora, Ohio -


The classic Big Dipper has been sitting at Geauga Lake since the park was closed as an amusement park in 2007. Several of the park's other roller coasters have been relocated to other Cedar Fair Parks throughout the nation and are in full operation today. While the Big Dipper has been sitting in its same spot the last three years untouched, a lot of talk has been going forth concerning its future.

In the fall of 2010, the plan was to demolish Big Dipper altogether due to the fact that no one had purchased it on E-Bay through a sale posting. Tom Woosnam, who is the agent of the coaster's owner and is also from APEX Western Machinery Movers of Akron, had made this announcement and was planning on this being the final decision for Big Dipper, until a site dedicated to saving the coaster became involved (

On September 30th, Kat Jones and Harold Garmonsway became directly involved with the sale and future of Big Dipper after starting the save the Big Dipper project. Kat Jones is the project organizer while Harold Garmonsway is the project's founder. Kat and Harold were planning on dismantling the classic coaster and having it stored until a new location for it could be found. In early December, however, the project's website had reported the following statements:

"The owner and the owner's agent have expressed their desire to cancel the deal we had come to agreement on concerning the sale of the Big Dipper.""We are currently under experienced legal guidance so that we may do everything within our power to save an important piece of amusement history."

A total of $384 had been raised towards the Big Dipper as of December 6th, according to the project's website. The purchase price to date is still unannounced, so it is still very unclear what will happen with Big Dipper at this point.

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