Renovated Intimidator 305 and Fireworks Shows Announced at Kings Dominion

Kings Dominion to have Intimidator 305 Better for 2011 Season as well as more Fireworks Shows

February 24, 2011 - Robert Taylor

Kings Dominion, Doswell, Virginia -

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Kings Dominion will be introducing the new and improved Intimidator 305 for the 2011 season, which is just the coaster's second season in operation. During its first season, numerous riders complained of blackouts during its ride because there were extreme G-forces around the turn right after the large drop. A little bit into the season, the park added trim breaks on the first drop to reduce the speed and G-forces around this first turn, however, even after this installation, guests were still complaining of blackouts on the ride. The radius of the first turn on Intimidator 305 has actually undergone major construction through the off season, and will actually be wider for the 2011 season. This will allow less G's and hopefully less blackouts from riders on the coaster. The trim breaks have also been removed on the first drop so the coaster will be able to reach its original speed again after the first drop, allowing riders to catch the full effect of the steep and fast drop on this red beast. Before the roller coaster only reached a top speed of around 75 miles an hour with the trim breaks, and riders felt as the effect of the drop was not there due to these being there. Look for a new and improved Intimidator 305 to be ready to go in time for the 2011 season.

Another new announcement that the popular Virginia Cedar Fair park has made is its new and much more frequent fireworks displays for the 2011 season. The fireworks displays will be called "Nights of Fire" and will take at 10pm place during Kings Dominion's peak hours such as Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and the main summer season which runs from June 18th to August 14th. Also new for the 2011 season and seen around many Cedar Fairs parks, such as Kings Island, is the Snoopy Starlight Spectacular. More than a million LED lights will line some of the center park midways and walkways of the park, as well as the trees and Eiffel Tower. A soundtrack will also accompany the lights bringing this part of the park a very Snoopy-like atmosphere after dark.

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