Wind Seeker at Canada's Wonderland Not Actually Open

Mechanical Issues Causing Delays in only Wind Seeker to Open to Date

June 1, 2011 - Robert Taylor

Vaughan, Canada -

With it already being June and the season well underway for most parks, the Wind Seekers are everything but that. Three out of four of the Cedar Fair Wind Seekers have still not officially opened to the public. The one that one has, only opened for an extremely limited amount of time. The three Wind Seekers that have not opened yet are the ones located at Knotts Berry Farm, Cedar Point, and Kings IslandKings Island. Canada's Wonderland's Wind Seeker is actually the only one to date to have opened to the public.

On Tuesday, May 24th, Wind Seeker at Canada's Wonderland opened to the public, and so far to date, this is the only date their Wind Seeker has been opened. The ride opened very quickly, and then had to shut down very quickly after its opening. According to Screamscape, mechanical issues have been going on with the tall swing ride that has caused the large delays in its opening. Someone had reported that one of the gondolas on Wind Seeker had been fully removed. The mounting flange at the end of one of the struts was actually being cut off by the ride's maintenance team.

Wind Seeker at Canada's Wonderland is easily the park's tallest ride, standing at over 300 feet tall, and dominating the park's other tall rides, Behemoth and their Drop Tower, by about 70 feet. The ride definitely has an effect on the park's skyline with it being the tallest in the park, but several guests and park goers have been disappointed the ride is still not fully operational as they can see it from a very far distance. Wind Seeker was originally planned to have a soft opening this weekend (Saturday, June 4th, 2011), but with the recent problems the ride has undergone, this will most likely not be happening.

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