New Raft Ride Coming to Disneyland in Shanghai

Jungle Cruise Themed Raft Ride on its way to Shanghai Disneyland

June 5, 2011 - Robert Taylor

Shanghai, China -

With the Disneyland in Shanghai, China, scheduled to open sometime in 2015, guests and visitors will have a unique wide variety of rides and attractions to experience upon opening . One of these rides will be a jungle-themed cruise style ride. Travelers who have been to Disney's California Adventure, located in Anaheim, California, will see that this new raft ride will feature a system much alike of the Grizzly River Run attraction in operation there. With this using a similar system, Disney does like to keep its rides and attractions unique and different from each other across all of its parks throughout the world. According to Screamscape, the park will feature the classic attractions seen at the parks worldwide, as well as brand new attractions never seen before at any park. Disney plans on having a different and original theme to this new raft ride and not make anything completely identical to what one would experience at the Disneyland park located in Hong Kong, China, which is back on the mainland of China.

There are several other rumored rides and attractions that will be a part of the new Disneyland park. Another one is a boat ride, which will be very similar to the Disney Jungle cruise seen at the other Disney parks. This attraction is always very popular among Disney goers. As of right now, the famous Space Mountain structure is absent from the current plans, but one should not get their hopes down on this popular indoor roller coaster never coming to Shanghai as it could always come to the park as an addition in the future. Disneyland Paris's Space Mountain was actually not opened upon the park's debut but was later added as part of an expansion to the park.

Travelers who have been to several Disney parks around the world who are used to seeing a Main Street style entrance at a Magic Kingdom park, will not be seeing one of these style entrances at Disneyland Shanghai, which is obviously set to be a Magic Kingdom style park. According to the plans, this 11 acre area of the park will feature a lot of trees, the popular Disney walk around characters, as well as various water elements will be the first thing visitors see upon their entrance to the new park. The giant animated drawing does feature the popular Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride as well as a carousel. According to Disney, they want this area to be "a place where family and friends can enjoy local cultural celebrations and customs together." The concept art for the park appears to feature at least three different sections of the park, which will include Adventureland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland. The artwork shows Adventureland being right of the castle, which is where Tomorrowland is usually located. The artwork shows an enormous pirate fortress, which likely is going to feature a Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, that was supposed to come to Disneyland Hong Kong, but never did. This area is also rumored to be getting a new version of the popular Indiana Jones attraction, as a temple like structure appears on that part of the concept art. Tomorrowland, shown on the left side of the map, a large dome is also shown, which could be a Space Mountain ride if the park ends up building one right at upon debut, or it could be something else and Space Mountain could come later down the road. A tron themed roller coaster is also rumored to be coming to Tomorrowland, and is said Shanghai just needs to give this a final approval and then will be all set to go forth with. Star Tours 3D could also be coming as well to this modern-themed area. Fantasyland appears to be behind the castle, as it is normally at other parks, but it is not very clear as to what guests will come across in this area of the park yet. A Little Mermaid Dark ride could be found in this area as well as a Philharmagic. Disneyland Shanghai is projected to attract around 7.3 million visitors annually.

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