Fast Pass at Kings Island

Line Skipping entity featuring 10 attractions

July 18, 2011 - The BeastFan

Kings Island, Kings Mills, Ohio -

Rides quite popular and with longer lines like Firehawk will allow for the Fast Pass system, letting guests skip the main lines to enjoy their favorite attractions, at a price.
Kings Island has been busy with new additions for the 2011 season. First was the addition of the new Windseeker tower ride, then the Dinosaurs Alive! walk through attraction with Dinosaurs 3D in the Action Theater, but now, Kings Island offers something that's a popular item at many Six Flags and Disney parks.

Kings Island is now offering a Fast Pass system. Customers must fill out a voucher found online through at a price of $50. They must then exchange it for a bracelet at a kiosk located just inside the main entrance in the International Street area. The bracelet takes effect between noon and 7pm. The rides included are Diamondback, Beast, Drop Tower, Firehawk, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Boo Blasters, Windseeker, Flight of Fear, Delirium, and the Race for Your Life Charlie Brown log flume. The bracelet offers unlimited admisson to those rides, allowing guests to skip the main lines as the more popular attractions may have.

It should be also mentioned that the purchase does not include admission. Patrons must still have a ticket or season pass to enter the park.

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