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Six Flags Great America Losing Long-time Stand-Up Coaster

August 6, 2011 - Coasterholic14

Chicago, Illinois -

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After all the rumors and speculation surrounding Iron Wolf this year, Six Flags Great America informally announced on their Facebook page that the coaster would be leaving after this season. Their announcement stated, “After a long 21 year history at the park, we will be removing Iron Wolf. Make sure to get your last rides in – Iron Wolf’s Last Stand is September 5.”

Rumors now seem to have the coaster heading for Six Flags America after that park filed a permit for a “Stand-Up Coaster” filed in mid-July. Furthermore, Six Flags America’s recently closed its Skull Mountain water-coaster attraction, opening up a sizeable plot of land, and one sizable enough for Iron Wolf to easily fit into.

When Iron Wolf opened in 1990, it was the first coaster designed by the Swiss duo of Bolliger & Mabillard (commonly abbreviated to just B&M), at that point having only recently split from Intamin. The ride features a custom layout with a 100-foot drop, loop, corkscrew, and numerous twists and helices in its 2:00 ride length.

Oddly enough, it was just about a year ago around this time that it was rumored that Six Flags Great America may have been getting the B&M Stand-Up Chang from Kentucky Kingdom. As odd as this rumor was given that the park already had Iron Wolf (B&M Stand-Up), zoning approval for a ride of similar statistics seemed to all but confirm the relocation, especially when pieces of the ride began showing up at the park. Then, without warning, the park scrapped its permits, zoning board approval, and those plans in favor of a water park expansion, and Chang was instead sent to Six Flags Great Adventure to replace the Great American Scream Machine.

Now instead of gaining a second stand-up coaster, the park may be losing its only stand-up coaster in favor of unknown plans. The silver lining may be that another park gets to enjoy this unique stand-up creation, and Six Flags Great America may finally have a chance to get a new coaster of its own in the near future.

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