Lake Winnie Launches FireBall

New Attraction for 2012 Ready to Roll

May 24, 2012 - Coasterholic14

Chattanooga, Tennessee -

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Lake Winnepesaukah, better known to the masses as “Lake Winnie” due to its much easier pronunciation, has announced that their newest attraction will be ready to roll in time for Memorial Day Weekend. Guests visiting the Chattanooga park this weekend will be the first to take the all new Fire Ball for a spin.

Located right inside the parks front gate, the ride has changed the front of Lake Winnie’s skyline, and will become them inside. Fire Ball is a Larson Manufacturing Fireball attraction, the popular and well-known “Ring of Fire” type of attraction generally seen at most carnivals. The ride will be one of the parks more thrilling attractions, blasting guests through multiple loops during their journey. Much like a swinging ship attraction, the ride will start off with more of a rocking motion, going higher and higher until momentum finally carries it past the inverted point and loops it around.

In the park’s press release, Talley Green of Lake Winnepesaukah stated, “This is the first ride we’ve ever added at Lake [Winnie] that completely inverts ALL the riders...a skilled pilot can invert our Fly-O-Plane, but everyone who boards the Fire Ball will get a view of the Chattanooga skyline from an inverted perspective!”

The relatively small family park has been entertaining Chatanooga, TN locals for over 85 years now after opening in 1925, though the park is technically located in Georgia by less than a mile. Fire Ball will join the its sister ride from Larson International, OH-ZONE!, a 140ft tall tower ride, as well as other classic rides at the park such as the 1967 wooden Cannon Ball coaster and the Boat Chute, the parks first ride built in 1926. The park has been open since early May, but this weekend marks the true start of Winnie’s full operating season.

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