Liseberg Announces Kaninlandet

Biggest investment in park’s history

July 7, 2012 - Coasterholic14

Gothenburg, Sweden -

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Sweden may not be known as much of an amusement park Mecca, but it is the home of one of the more popular parks in Europe, Liseberg. Long-known as being the home of the massive Schwarzkopf Lisebergbanan coaster, outside of Sweden, the park was off most people’s radars until the park opened the highly-acclaimed Balder in 2003 and Kanonen in 2005, both from Intamin. Though not known much outside of Sweden until that time, the park has seen 2.5+ million people every year since at least 1999.

Following the new coasters and the addition of the 381-foot tall AtmosFear drop tower in 2011, the thrill seekers of the park have been well taken care of. To balance that out, the park has announced something huge for 2013 to take care of the rest of its guests. As part of its 90th anniversary, the park is making its biggest investment in history, with a 22.6 million euro ($27.7 million) new themed kids area to be called Kaninlandet. CEO of Liseberg, Andreas Andersen, stated “Children are our priority for 2013 as we celebrate our 90 years…This is a great project that contains a lot of heart, creativity and quality,” as reported by

Kaninlandet takes over and expands upon the current kids area to approximately 2.5 acres, replacing several older rides and adding in seven new rides. Kanonlandet, the basis for the name, means “land of rabbits,” appropriate given the park’s mascots are big green rabbits. From information on and images released there, the new section will feature a small-tracked monorail, two small junior freefall towers, a small ferris wheel, a family coaster, a tracked kiddie car ride, junior flying chairs, and a balloon ride. The new area will also feature new games, snack and food stands, shops, and a playground area.

These rides and attractions will make Kaninlandet their home along with three moved existing and two renovated rides: Cykelturen (small hanging kids ride), Knatterally (kids bumper cars), Ponnykarusellen (carousel), Kaffekoppen (teacups), and Kaninresan (raft ride). With the new additions, four older rides will be departing the park: Gamla Farfars Bil (1974—kiddie car ride), Sma Grodorna (2000—junior drop tower), Flygkarusellen (1990—small spinning ride), and Trummeliten (1991—kiddie teacups).

The main avenue of the park, Storgatan, will also see a slight expansion and another new themed zone, Vastkustomradet, will open up with a picnic area and massive family eatery, with a Burger King, sandwich shop, and a snack shop to specialize in pies. With last year’s attendance reaching 3.6 million, the park is poised to continue its growth as Sweden’s largest park, and one of Europe’s most popular.

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