Pleasure Pier Opens Flume

Interlink Log Flume Sets Sail

August 26, 2012 - Coasterholic14

Galveston, Texas -

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Interlink made an announcement last week that it’s new Log Flume at the redeveloped Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier has now “officially” opened. Dubbed the Pirate’s Plunge, the flume is one of many new attractions to join the ranks of the new pier project, which includes the Iron Shark roller coaster from Gerstlauer amongst countless other flat rides.

According to the press release, the company originally got the contract for the ride back in 2011, beginning construction immediately. The ride was ready to roll around the late-May/early-June with a soft opening, but has now “officially” opened for regular operation to the public.

The Pirate’s Plunge flume ride from Interlink is approximately 918 feet long and features two drops, a smaller first drop of approximately 19.5 feet, and a higher second one of nearly 40 feet. The ride was positioned on the “left” side of the pier from the position of the boardwalk/land, offering riders fantastic views of the beach, but causing some issues for Interlink during construction due to limited access to that part of the pier. In the company’s press release on the ride, John Hudd, Interlink Managing Director, stated “The Galveston Pier Project has been an interesting and testing one for us to do…building the ride onto a pier structure was itself very different to installing on land.”

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier was a huge undertaking over the past couple of years, a multi-million dollar renovation of the area and complete redevelopment into a “major entertainment destination.” The park opened this past year with seemingly countless flat rides, games, entertainment venues, food stations, F&B outlets, and retail shops right along the beach and pier.

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