New Roller Coaster for Six Flags St. Louis

Six Flags Announces Boomerang, A New Ride For 2013

August 31, 2012 - Kevin Dice


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When Boomerang opens in 2013, it will be the 9th roller coaster at Six Flags St. Louis.
Six Flags St. Louis announced a new roller coaster for the 2013 season to be called Boomerang. Bringing the park's roller coaster count up to nine, Boomerang comes to St. Louis from Six Flags Over Texas where it has operated under the name Flashback since 1989.

Designed by Vekoma, a Dutch amusement ride company, Boomerang is made out of steel and has three physical inversions: a cobra roll (which counts as two) and a vertical loop. Each of these inversions is traversed twice as the train follows the track once forward and then once backwards, similar to its soon-to-be neighbor, Mr. Freeze. Starting out, a chain pulls the 28 passenger train backwards up a 125 foot tall hill. At the top, the lift mechanism releases, and the train plummets approaching speeds of 50 mph through the station loading platform. The train then pulls up into a cobra roll where it completes its first two inversions. Without a moment of straight track to relax, passengers experience the force of a vertical loop before pulling up into a steep hill. At the top, a chain pulls the train up higher and releases the passengers to complete the layout backwards.
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Flashback at Six Flags Over Texas will relocate to St. Louis.

“Boomerang puts a new twist, literally, on the coaster thrills at Six Flags St. Louis,” said Dave Roemer, Six Flags St. Louis park president. “We already offer more rollers coasters than any other theme park in Missouri, now we are adding new elements like the cobra roll and half loops to bring our guests new thrills!” Six Flags St. Louis already broke the tie with Worlds of Fun and took the title of Missouri park with the most roller coasters in 2007 with the construction of Pandemonium, formally know as Tony Hawk's Big Spin. As it stands, Six Flags St. Louis has 8 roller coasters, and Worlds of Fun has 7.
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Boomerang will go up in the Illinois section of the park next to the bumpercars.

Of the 38 identically laid out, currently operating roller coasters of the Boomerang model from Vekoma, 19 are named “Boomerang”, 3 more contain the word “Boomerang”, and 2 more are named “Zoomerang.” While Boomerang will not be unique in layout or in name, it will be unique to the area and a nice addition to the Illinois themed section of the park. The new ride will be visible from the top of Superman: Tower of Power, SkyScreamer, and Screamin' Eagle's lift hill.

Boomerang is still operating at Six Flags Over Texas as Flashback. Flashback will give its last ride on September 3rd and will be taken down and moved to St. Louis in the coming months.

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