Disney's own fiscal cliff

Disney decreasing more perks for season passers

December 30, 2012 - CoasterJunior

Orlando, FL -

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What are your thoughts on the fiscal cliff for Disney? According to the Orlando Sentinel, the most famous theme park has its own economy issues for the “upper class” ticket holders and could become an issue down the road. Disney has announced that is continuing to decrease the perks and incentives to the premium season pass holders. Beginning on January 1st, the company is cutting the discounted merchandise perk from 20 percent to 10 percent.

This new decrease has even the most loyal Disney resort guests fuming. The company will not come right out and say why they are implementing this decrease, however Disney spokesman Bryan Malenius said, "We regularly evaluate our discounts and offers for annual pass holders and make adjustments." The park has been increasingly raising the prices on admission and long term admission to help offset the low economic times over the past six to ten years.

According to the article, most experts say that the dedicated Disney fans and those who buy the premium passes will deal with the price hikes because of their devotion. According to some fans, this is not going to be the cast at all. "Guest service, quality for the price you pay, show quality, etc., are no longer what's really important to Walt Disney World management. It's lip service to whoever buys it," said Todd Talley, a fan and frequent visitor.

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