Busch Gardens Unveils New Logo and Slogan

Busch Gardens getting a looping coaster tree

January 17, 2013 - CoasterJunior

Orlando, FL -


Have you ever hear the adage that change is sometimes a good thing? This may be the case for Sea World Parks and Entertainment as the company has unveiled a new logo and theme for the Busch Gardens theme parks in Tampa and Williamsburg. According to, the company had the idea to the logo as the next IPO is on the horizon. The company mentioned in a letter to all of its employees the reasoning behind the new logo and it was all about guest input.

According to the letter that went out to all of the employees, the company felt that it needed a brand identity that everyone could associate with when seeing the logo. The park said that it wanted to use the themeing of the park and the beauty of the landscapes in the logo. Cindy Sarko, company brand director said in a statement, “The idea was to create a logo that represented the whole park. This is why we created the Coaster Tree.” The coaster tree is meant to look like a tree with loops as the branches and leaves. The loops of course representing a coaster that inverts.

The park also mentions that they are working on a new two system park logo when both parks are put together as well as a new moniker quote and campaign slogan. Consumers will begin to see “Fun Grows Here” as the new saying and the new theme and logo up on the websites soon. The new advertising campaign will begin full swing in February park officials said.

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