"Polish Disneyland" Files for Bankruptcy

Still hopeful an investor will reignite the project

October 18, 2013 - CoasterJunior

Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Poland -


Three times in a row? This must be a trend! Today’s news flash will take us across the big pond to Europe where the park that was supposed to be the “Polish Disney” has filed for bankruptcy. According to Polskie Radio, Adventure World Warsaw has filed papers for bankruptcy as the company was unable to complete the park and pay the creditors. “It is with great sorrow that I declare that I have signed an application for the bankruptcy of AWW and its subsidiary firms,” Peter Jan Mulder said.

Construction began on the park in 2012 and was supposed to be a major economic boost to the centrally located European country. The park was going to employ 3,000 people in the city of Grodzisk Mazowiecki which is located just south of the Polish capital of Warsaw. “Despite many attempts, it was not possible to build and finance the amusement park in Grodzisk Mazowiecki,” Mulder stated. “This failure seems to be permanent.”

Adventure World Warsaw was going to be a massive park encompassing 230 hectares and was budgeted to have a construction cost of 598 million euro. The park’s theme was going to focus on world myths and legends from the Slavics to the Ancient Egyptians. Jan Pazio, a member of the town hall in Grodzisk Mazowiecki said there is still hope that some investor may purchase the land and reignite the project.

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