America’s Most Haunted Amusement Park

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is said to be the most haunted amusement park in America

October 26, 2013 - CrazyCoasterGirl

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Abandoned Ferris Wheel and Swing Ride at Lake Shawnee Park

In 1775, the Mitchell Clay family settled on a plot of land in West Virginia. Having lived on the land for nearly eight years, the Clay family was attacked and killed by a group of Indians. The Clay family, who had three children, lost two children in the attack and one of the boys, Ezekiel,  was kidnapped and burned alive on a stake later on. A few years later archeologists investigated the site and found 13 bodies of settlers. According to, the land in which the bodies were found was later used for an amusement park built in the 1920’s, but closed shortly afterwards.

After the park debuted in the 1920’s, many mysterious occurrences began to happen. A young child died on the park’s swing ride, and a little boy drowned in Lake Shawnee. The owner of the park stated that throughout the duration of the park’s life time, there was a total of 6 deaths in the park. Due to many tragedies, the park was shut down in 1966 and is believed to be sitting on cursed grounds.
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The history of the Lake Shanee land in which the amusement park was placed

Years after the park has been closed, people still admitted that they had seen “unusual” things around the park. For example, visitors claimed they saw a little girl in a pink dress riding an old swing set, and an older man near the ferris wheel that seemed to be waiting for the ride to open. Ghost hunters were called in to investigate the site. The reports from the hunters say they heard children laughing and saw the rusty swings moving on their own.

Fast forward 47 years and the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park owners have decided to open up the park and allow guests to walk through what they claim to be “America’s Most Haunted Amusement Park.” Tours of the park will run from October 25th through Halloween, and guests are permitted to bring their own audio equipment and cameras.

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