Coney Island Luna Park To Get Zamperla Thunderbolt Roller Coaster In 2014

Luna Park to gain a new coaster to their line up

January 26, 2014 - Waterparker

Brooklyn, NY - After the demolition of the original Thunderbolt, for the Brooklyn Cyclones in 2000, the ride is finally returning in the form of a new coaster by Zamperla.

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According to reports from blooloop, the new coaster will be in the same location at Coney Island and will be the first steel coaster to come to the property. The Zamperla coaster will feature a new train, which can support nine guests, and will take guests on a 125 foot vertical drop, accompanied with loops, turns, and other inversions.

Marky Markowitz, the Brooklyn Borough President was pleased with the efforts to install the coaster. "Bravo to fellow-Brooklynite and New York City EDC President Seth Pinsky and to CAI for 'launching' the effort to bring the Thunderbolt Roller Coaster back to Coney Island at its original site."

Despite this, Markowitz was originally skeptical at such an endeavor, yet is very optimistic for the effect on Coney Island that Thunderbolt will have. "While you might be more likely to find me on the B&B Carousel than on this new 65 mile-per-hour, 125 foot tall roller coaster, I have no doubt that this ride will be yet another heart-stopping, in-your face amusement."

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