Geauga Lake, Aurora, OH, USA

June 18, 2005 - Homer

Geauga Lake, Aurora, OH, USA -

Today, Geauga Lake opens up its brand new water park, Wildwater Kingdom. The park is located on the old Wild Life/Sea World section of the Six Flags Worlds of Adventure era. The new water park consists of slides like Thunder Falls (formerly Hurricane Mountain that was moved from Hurricane Hannah's), Liquid Lightning ProSlide Tornado slide, and a family water complex called Splash Landing. Other attractions include Coral Cove, a teenage pool area with basketball hoops and floating objects all over and Riptide Run, an action lazy river with numerous water falls and guest aimed water attacks.This is Phase one of the Wildwater Kingdom park. Phase 2 is set to open in 2006 when Hurricane Hannah's, the parks other and old waterpark, closes. 2005 marks Hurricane Hannah's final year of operation with only two attractions open before the area gets torn down. The two attractions are Shark Attack, a family slide complex installed in 2003, and Hurricane Bay, a 25,000 square foot wave pool that was installed in 2000 during the Six Flags conversion. Phase two of Wildwater Kingdom consists of more family slides and a new wave pool and an adult pool that serves alcoholic beverages to those over the legal age limit. Once when Wildwater Kingdom is done in 2006, the park will encompass 20 acres. But, enjoy Phase one of Wildwater Kingdom, it opens today!

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