'Flying Turns' construction on hold at Knoebels

Opening timeframe for unique ride unknown

February 7, 2006 - Devin Olson

Knoebels, Elysburg, PA, USA -

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A construction crew pours cement for the ride's first foundation in one of the pictures posted by Knoebels late last month.
Although the park has officially broken ground for the first new ride like it in decades, it may be a while yet until the Flying Turns is ready for takeoff.

Late last month, Knoebels casually announced the addition of a new coaster inspired by bobsled-type wooden coasters of the 1930s through a new page on the official site. That page displayed several images showing off a first foundation being filled with concrete on Jan. 20.

However, the park now tells us that Jan. 20 was the only day of progress on the project so far, which is being constructed on the former site of Whirlwind.

"We began construction of the Flying Turns on the same lot [as Whirlwind] on Jan. 20, 2006, but we did not progess furtherthan that single day," the park's Bobby Klock stated in an email. "Simply, we are not quite ready yet."

Klock says that Knoebels will release details on the new ride, such as blueprints and artwork, "when it is time."

Flying Turns was the name shared by a number of wooden rides designed by such legends as John Miller and Herbert Schmeck throughout the 30s. Parks such as Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Paramount's Kings Dominion have constructed modern versions of the bobsled coaster in the past, but those rides fail to use the original wood-troughed design.

Whirlwind, a small, second-hand, 1984 steel looping coaster, was removed after the 2004 season and sent to a Costa Rica amusement park, with part of its lot being used for the Herschel flat ride Looper last season.

Knoebels has built its reputation around bringing a classic amusement park experience to the Pennsylvania mountains through installing such widely-revered attractions as the second-hand Phoenix wooden coaster and 1999's Twister.

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