Power Outage Strikes Six Flags Over St. Louis

Several Riders Stranded On Rides

June 22, 2009 - Tyler Carlton

Six Flags St. Louis -

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Power Outage:Many riders stranded on rides.
On June 17th Six Flags St. Louis lost power to the park at around 9:00 PM. Although the power outage occurred around closing time for the park, several riders were capturing their last ride of the day. These riders became trapped on the rides after the power went out.

Employees at the park were forced to manually release riders from the rides and escort them out of the park. The most difficult ride to release riders from was the Colossus Ferris Wheel. Since there was no power to turn the wheel, the wheel had to be manually cranked to get riders safely to the ground. The last passengers were escorted off the Colossus Ferris Wheel at around 10:15PM, an hour and fifteen minutes after the park lost power.

The loss of power was not a safety issue due to the safety devices implemented on thrill rides. The brakes used on these rides must have power to allow trains to pass through them. In the event of a power outage these brakes close and do not allow trains to pass through. This ensures that no trains will collide and all riders can be safely escorted off the rides. Also, the anti-rollback devices used on the lifts make sure that a train will not roll backwards down the lift hill in the event of power loss or a lift chain malfunction.

Power was restored to the park around midnight.

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