Kings Dominion

Doswell, VA, USA

Contributions By: Devin Olson, Dwain Sponseller

Last Update: January 14, 2015

Deep in the heart of Old Virginia, you will find a gem of a theme park known as Kings Dominion. The park is located in Doswell, Virginia just minutes away from the state capital of Richmond. Kings Dominion has been known for its family oriented atmosphere, thrilling attractions, and entertaining shows throughout the years and nothing has changed even to the present day. There is plenty to do to keep you busy at Kings Dominion where Thrills Connect!

The park was built and first opened in 1975 when joint partners Taft Broadcasting and Top Value Enterprises decided that they wanted a park in a new region of the country. They wanted the park to resemble Kings Island in Mason Ohio in many things including themes, rides, and kid areas. That blueprint is very evident today as the 1/3 scale replicas of the Eiffel Towers and welcoming fountain pools are identical at the two parks. The park began adding attractions and activities to the area and the park was a success through 1983 when Taft Broadcasting sold the park to Kings Entertainment including Kings Island and Carowinds. KECO then began operating the park and their focus was on the rides and thrill coasters that they could pack into the park. Rides such as Avalanche, Anaconda, and Shockwave were introduced to the park during the era.

In 1993, Paramount had purchased Kings Entertainment and all of the parks and the transition to naming everything in the park after a Paramount picture began. Many new rides were also added during the era including Flight of Dear and Volcano which was put into the Lost Mountain themed effect in the Congo. Paramount owned and operated the park until 2007 when it was acquired by the Cedar Fair Entertainment Company. The park would have to go through yet another transition period as anything that had a Paramount tie would have to be renamed. As of 1009, Cedar Fair began putting their own twist on things and adding rides like Dominator and Intimidator 305. The park has also put a lot of expansion into the waterpark and events such as Halloween Haunt.

Today the park is known for family fun and has a little to do for everyone. In 2013, the park added the largest kids area in the country in Planet Snoopy and has also opened one of the tallest and fastest coasters in the world called Intimidator 305. So the next time you are in Old Dominion, mosey on over to the park that was named for the Old Dominion state. Enjoy your stay at Kings Dominion!

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