Cornball Express

Indiana Beach

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Last Update: December 19, 2012

Custom Coaster International became familiar with Indiana Beach in 1993 when they were contacted by the park to build a wooden coaster with a steel structure. The name Cornball Express was one of the names picked for the new ride, but it was tossed out in favor of Hoosier Hurricane. In 2000, CCI made its second trip to Indiana to design another wooden coaster. The process of choosing a new name started again, and once again the name Cornball Express was a candidate. This time, the name fit the project and it was announced in November 2000 that Cornball Express would be the name of the new coaster. This coaster has some impressive statistics for a family coaster. It has a length of 2,100 feet and reaches speeds of forty-five miles-per-hour. Cornball Express’s location is really what makes this coaster impressive. The structure is built over the water and interacts with the Hoosier Hurricane’s structure. The ride provides good drops, tight turns, and a grand finale helix.

Riders board the PTC coaches and secure the lap bar. The train begins its trek out of the station and drops under the structure of the Hoosier Hurricane. The track curves eighty-degrees and the train meets with the lift hill. The chain carries the train to the 58-foot summit and riders get a chance to view the park from the top of the lift. The train then slowly heads towards the first drop. Without a chance to prepare, the train plunges down the first drop that twists to the left. The train then dives over the Hoosier Hurricane and into a curve. The curve leads the train to the second hill. The train races up, over, and down the second hill giving riders a great sense of airtime. The train then heads towards the third hill in the course of the ride. Riders get the wind in their face as the train climbs over a building and curves left around the Tigrr. Then the train plunges down the third drop lifting riders out of their seats once again. The fourth hill is unique to this ride. The train climbs into the structure of the Hoosier Hurricane and follows the S-curve of the Hoosier’s lift hill. The train races out of the structure and dive under the brake run. The kiddie rides are just a blur as the train speeds by them and into the helix. The train executes the clockwise helix and exits it into two bunny hops. The train coasts through the bunny hops and gives riders a little more airtime. The train then rolls into the station brakes and this great family ride ends.

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