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Kings Island

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Last Update: January 6, 2013

Parks have long tried to create rides specially designed for thrillseekers of any age, and one of the latest such made it's debut in the Paramount chain on April 7, 2001. Billed as the first inverted, foot-dangling family coaster, Rugrats Runaway Reptar opened at Paramount's Kings Island in Kings Mill, Ohio along with the similar Silver Streak at Paramount's Canada's Wonderland. Runaway Reptar became Kings Island's fourth below-track coaster - a world record - joining the collection featuring Flight Deck, the also family-geared Scooby's Ghoster Coaster, and the also Vekoma Inc-designed Invertigo shuttle-looper. The 'Island also rose to the top of the list for junior coaster count with a likewise 4 - the aforementioned Ghoster Coaster, the Top Cat's Taxi Jam kiddie coaster, and wooden figure-eight Beastie.

Located appropriately in Kings Island's Nickelodeon Central sector, guests stroll past Rugrats theming including a 3-story 'Reptar' once to the loading area in a queue line spanning the yellow and green coaster, nine cars on the coaster's train are loaded and yellow restraints are secured. The trip to the top of a 52-foot summit begins after a 135-degree curve... Once to the top, the train navigates an altitude-changing spiraling helix, twisting downward and around a full 565 degrees and ending with a gentle swoop. Riders are next guided around a tight curve to the right towards the lift. Next, a diving helix begins, swooping down towards the coaster's queue and meandering around an S-shaped formation to the right, left, and into the brake run. With a second 135 curve, the train re-enters the station.

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