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September 4, 2005 - Devin Olson

Our fiftieth Park Gallery page has been made public, and with the addition of Paramount Canada's Wonderland, we now have a collection of pages for all five Paramount-brand parks.

This new page, written by our Editor-in-Chief Amanda Spracklen, traces the history of Canada's largest theme park from its construction in June 1979 to the present day. Today Paramount Canada's Wonderland boasts one of the largest coaster collections in the world, at fourteen, along with a good number of flat rides, vertical rides, spinning rides, and rides for the kids.

Next week, read up about what it took to bring one of the highest-rated theme parks in the world to life and what the future will bring for another North American park as we introduce our 51st page, and stay tuned for new photo gallery updates!

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