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September 11, 2005 - Devin Olson

You've heard everything there is to know about the latest Goliath coaster in the Six Flags chain at Six Flags over Georgia and made it one of the most popular rides at COASTER-net; now read about the original.

When Six Flags Magic Mountain's own Goliath debuted on February 11th, 2000, it became the world's tallest and fastest coaster for a timespan of several months, but also made its mark as the first major new coaster of the year 2000.

Today Goliath is one of two coasters similar to it in the world, and part of the world's ever-growing largest coaster collection at Six Flags Magic Mountain. The next page soaring in to the Ride Gallery for Magic Mountain will take a look at a new way to fly through the California skies like a superhero!

In other Ride Gallery updates, our favorite and least favorite rides continue to change from minute to minute as new votes pour in by the hundreds. Defend your favorites and vote for your least favorites by going to an individual page and scrolling down to the voting area. New rides appear on the overall top twenty rankings as they attain the required number of votes.

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