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September 16, 2005 - Devin Olson

Ever wonder how a small park in Indiana has become one of the top-ranking theme parks in the world? Follow the complete history of the park we know today as Holiday World with our newest gallery page.

Most think of Disneyland as the first theme park, but nine years before Walt Disney's vision came alive, a "theme" park was already operating halfway across the country. This park was known as Santa Claus Land, the park today known as Holiday World and recognized for its two world-class wooden coasters, family atmosphere, and free perks.

For coaster lovers, not many rides can beat the experiences of Raven and Legend, and next year looks brighter than ever with Voyage on the way, one of the largest wooden coasters ever conceived. Read all about these rides and more, and see what it took to bring the Holiday World of today to life on the new page!

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