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Ride Gallery > 'El Toro' 2006 preview page roars into the gallery >

September 30, 2005 - Devin Olson

Six Flags Great Adventure's newly-announced El Toro wooden coaster is detailed in our new preview of the record-breaking 2006 attraction.

The New Jersey park's massive, Spanish-themed out and back twister coaster will rumble through 4,400 feet of track as it becomes the third-largest coaster at the theme park, just behind the world's tallest coaster Kingda Ka and the mega-coaster Nitro. The international significance of El Toro will be its first plunge of 176 feet - the steepest for any wooden coaster at some 76

Six Flags Great Adventure's fifteenth coaster track will also become the third-largest wooden coaster in the world, bumping Holiday World's 2006 Voyage down a notch on the overall record-holders list.

When all is said and done, do you have what it takes to get into the bullfight?

Take me there!


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