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Great America Teases Winter Holiday Festival to Follow Fright Fest

Christmas event could be in the works

September 24, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

The transition from summer to fall is marked every year in Lake County when Fright Fest decorations go up at Six Flags Great America, but chatter at the Gurnee theme park on Thursday suggested Great America could join its Six Flags cousins with the launch of Holiday in the Park festivals during the winter. Six Flags CEO James Reid-Anderson broached the subject as he checked out some of the Halloween-season attractions that allow Great America to stretch its operating season beyond the warm-weather months. "We do (Fright Fests) across all of our parks, and it's a growing franchise and extremely successful for us," Reid-Anderson said after emerging from a haunted maze near Yankee Harbor. Continue article...

Best Theme Park Halloween? Vote Now!

What's your favorite park for Halloween attractions?

September 22, 2015 - Sam Natcher

Come autumn, theme park goers head to their favorite amusement parks for more than just the rides. Amusement parks across the nation offer Halloween thrills in the form of mazes, scare zones and creepy costumed characters, often with not-so-scary events especially for kids. Which theme park throws the best Halloween party? Vote once per day at until voting ends on Monday, October 12 at noon ET.

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Live Coverage of The 2015 Golden Ticket Awards

September 12, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

We'll be posting the winners as they are announced this evening. Please refresh often for the latest winners! 2015 Golden Ticket Winners: Best Dark Ride - Harry Potter & the Forbidden Journey Friendliest Park - Dollywood Best Shows - Dollywood Best Carousel - Knoebels Best Funhouse Walkthrough - Noah's Ark Kennywood Best Indoor Waterpark - Schiltterbahn Galveston Island Best Marine Life Park - SeaWorld Orlando Best Children's Park - Idlewild Soak Zone Best Seaside Park - Morey's Piers Best Water Ride - Valhalla Blackpool Pleasure Beach Best Water Park Ride - Wildebeest at Holiday World Splashin' Safari (6th consecutive) Best Kids Area - Kings Island (15th consecutive) Cleanest Park - Holiday World Best Landscaping - Busch Gardens Williamsburg Best Christmas Event - Dollywood Best Halloween Event - Universal Studios Orlando Best Food - Knoebels Best Outdoor Show - Illuminations at EPCOT Special Presentation for Park of the Year - Lagoon Amusement Park Special Presentation Huck Finn's Playland - Renaissance Award Special Presentation "Turnstile Award" George Frantzis II & Eric Anderson - Quassy Special Presentation Persons of the Year - Zamperla Best New Waterpark Ride - Dive Bomber Six Flags White Water Best New Ride - Fury 325 Best Indoor Coaster - Revenge of the Mummy at USO Best Wooden Coaster - Top 10 Boulder Dash El Toro Phoenix Voyage Thunderhead Ravine Flyer II Goldstriker Beast Outlaw Run Balder Best Steel Coaster - Top 10 Millennium Force Bizarro Expedition Geforce Fury 325 Nitro Apollos Chariot Intimidator Carowinds Leviathan Nemesis New Texas Giant Best Waterpark - Schlitterbahn New Braunfels Best Amusement Park - Europa Park 2016 Golden Tickets will be at Cedar Point! Continue article...

Universal Orlando's Disaster Closure Begins Next Stage of Theme Park Expansion

Fast & Furious expected to take its place

September 12, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Universal Orlando Resort has gone pedal to the metal to get its Fast & Furious: Supercharged attraction up and running. The theme park already closed and began breaking down the Disaster attraction at Universal Studios Florida.

The ride, which closed on Sept. 8, will make way for the future racing attraction set to debut in 2017. In addition, the theme park filed a permit on Sept. 2 for building demolition for a project called "Project 620," which is rumored to be the new attraction.

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Fright Dome Set to Scare for 13th Season

First 4d haunted attraction planned

September 12, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Spooky times are headed to Las Vegas when Fright Dome at Circus Circus celebrates its 13th anniversary starting on Friday, Oct. 2. The five acres of the Adventuredome theme park feature six haunted houses, all ready to scare the bejesus out of horror fans. SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products teamed up on the first haunted attraction in the world to feature a 4-D show with “Friday the 13th 4-D: A Deadly 4-D Experience,” a new way for horror fans to experience Jason Voorhees. In this haunted house, Jason slashes his way through 13 kills in 13 minutes with his machete. Continue article...

Star Wars to Break Ground at Disney in 2016

Project moved up a year

September 12, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Walt Disney Co. will break ground on "Star Wars"-themed lands at Disneyland and one of its Florida theme parks in 2016, Chief Operating Officer Thomas Staggs said Thursday.. The 14-acre “Star Wars” areas represent the largest expansions in the Burbank-based company’s history for a single-themed area at its parks. The Florida iteration will be built at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which is part of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando. The projects were announced at Disney’s D23 fan expo at the Anaheim Convention Center in August. A Disney spokesperson said then that construction would begin by the end of 2017. (As part of a tax deal Disney negotiated earlier this year with the city of Anaheim, the company is required to begin construction on at least $1 billion in new attractions at Disneyland Resort by then. Continue article...

Valravn Soars Into Cedar Point

New dive coaster sets world's records

September 9, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

PRESS RELEASE: Cedar Point will change the Lake Erie skyline once again with over 3,400 feet of thrill ride innovation when it introduces Valravn (val-rey-vuhn), the world’s tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster, in 2016. Valravn is the regal king of birds, swooping in to conquer all other dive coasters on the planet with its powerful and intense maneuvers, massive structure and immense ride vehicles. Valravn will become the 18th coaster to take reign at The Roller Coaster Capital of the World® and will claim its rightful place among other record-breaking roller coasters at Cedar Point. Riders on Valravn are carried more than 20 stories up to the top of the coaster’s 223-foot-tall first hill. Continue article...

2016 Cedar Point Announcement

September 9, 2015 - Dwain Sponseller

Stay Tuned to COASTER-net and this thread as we bring you all of the updates from the Cedar Point 2016 Announcement. Refresh often to get the latest news and join in our forum discussion to add what you think about the new ride! 1. Cedar Point officially announces..... Valravn 2. Will have one of the world's tallest inversions 3. Valravn preview Center inside the park until the ride is built 1. Loading station 2. 223-foot-tall lift hill 3. Holding brake – hang for 4 seconds over the edge! 4. 90-degree drop 5. 165-foot-tall Immelmann 6. 131-foot-tall second hill 7. Continue article...

The Beast Uncut Breaks Down the 2016 Six Flags Announcements

September 6, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

For the first time ever, all of the hosts of COASTER-net TV come together to discuss the 2016 new ride announcements for the entire Six Flags chain! Join Danny, Dwain and Andy as they go over each park's new addition and give their opinions!

Continue article...

Six Flags New for 2016

The Lineup is here

September 3, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

St. Louis - Fireball (Larson Loop) America - Splashwater Falls - Waterpark Expansion Over Georgia - Bugs Bunny Boom Town, Dc Super Friends Kids areas Mexico - Battle for Metropolis Great America - Battle for Metropolis Magic Mountain - The New Revolution (conversion) Great Escape - Greezed Lightnin (Larson Loop) Over Texas - 3 rides Riddler's Revenge, Catwoman Whip, Harley Quin Spin Sanity (frisbee,circle flat ride, troika) La Ronde - Vampire Backwards New England - Fireball (larson loop) & Superman returns! Great Adventure - Total Mathem 4d (S&S Free-fly) Discovery Kingdom - The Joker (Roar RMC) Fiesta - Hurricane Force 5, Fireball, Spinsanity (Disko, larson loop, new modern tilt-a-whirl) Continue article...

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