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Six Flags Over Texas Started Distancing Itself from Confederate Flag Decades Ago

Hasn't been used since at least mid-1990s

July 2, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

The backlash against the Confederate battle flag has been swift with Amazon, Walmart, Apple, NASCAR and southern governors either opposing or taking action against the divisive symbol. This controversy, however, hasn’t touched Six Flags Over Texas and the Confederate flag that’s flown at or near the park entrance for nearly 54 years. The Arlington theme park — named for the number of nations that flew their flags over Texas — had already backed away from the racially-charged battle flag and Confederacy history decades ago with little publicity and no controversy. “We do not fly or sell any variation of the Confederate battle flag,” said Sharon Parker, a Six Flags spokeswoman. Continue article...

How Theme Parks Make You Fit

Infographic reveals how just WALKING around Walt Disney World burns 1558 calories (that's more than a 10K run)

July 2, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

When it comes to losing weight, few people would target a theme park as the ideal place to do it. Well, it turns out that traipsing around a theme park, as well as queuing, watching shows and going on rides, can help you burn up to 1558 calories - more than many people would shed on a 10k run.

That means that just visiting Epcot for a day would allow you to burn off the equivalent of five cheeseburgers, and walking around Magic Kingdom is the equivalent to spending almost three hours cycling.

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NAMTAB Begins at Six Flags Great Adventure This Weekend

Batman Backwards will now be in NJ for a limited time

July 1, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

This summer, Six Flags Great Adventure is giving thrill ride fans plenty of reasons to flip out. Earlier this season, the Jackson amusement park unveiled El Diablo, its 13th roller coaster. The attraction features riders sitting in face-to-face, rocketing forward and backward pendulum-style until the train completes a full revolution seven stories in the air. The coaster then makes a number of full loops, stops momentarily with riders suspended upside down, and then reverses direction. Inspired by Jersey Devil folklore with a Mexican-influenced twist, the coaster is aimed toward tween-aged Great Adventure attendees. Akin in intensity to the park's Skull Mountain and Dark Knight rides, it's a pleasantly surprising change of pace in an area of the park that's also home to the world-renowned shockers El Toro and Kingda Ka. Continue article...

HUSS Re-launches Classic Ride with the Introduction of the Enterprise 2G

New take on classic flat ride

June 30, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

PRESS RELEASE: Huss Park Attractions GmbH, the well-known German amusement ride manufacturer, has announced the re-launch of another successful HUSS® classic ride, the Enterprise, with a new and improved design. The attraction has been re-launched, giving one of the most famous and successful of HUSS® attractions a complete ‘makeover’ and a new lease of life. The ride will be available as Enterprise 2G (2nd Generation), Enterprise 2GH (2nd Generation Hybrid - a combination of suspended seats and classic style gondolas) and as Enterprise 2GH-Plus (2nd Generation Hybrid combined with a new tilt action). The Enterprise has been a hugely popular attraction with both operators and riders for many years, having been in operation since it was originally introduced in the 1970s. Continue article...

Fire Injures More Than 200 People Attending Party at Taiwan Water Park

Revellers caught up in flames when coloured powder being sprayed onto the crowd at the event ignited

June 27, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

More than 200 people were injured, over 80 of them seriously, in an explosion at a water park outside Taiwan’s capital, Taipei, on Saturday, after coloured powder being sprayed onto a crowd ignited, officials said. Footage on the Apple Daily newspaper website showed crowds dancing as music played and clouds of powder being sprayed out suddenly turned into a ball of fire sweeping through the spectators. “Our initial understanding is this explosion and fire ... was caused by the powder spray. It could have been due to the heat of the lights on the stage,” said a spokesman for the New Taipei City fire department. Continue article...

Australia's Sea World to Welcome Nickelodeon Land Area Later This Year

New area will boast Sea World’s first ever mini rollercoaster.

June 23, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Australia's Sea World park is welcoming a new multi-million dollar Nickelodeon Land area later this year. Nickelodeon Land will include four new kid-friendly rides as well as Sea World’s first ever mini rollercoaster

The new attraction will be an extension of Nickelodeon’s existing partnership with Sea World, which includes a Dora Live Show, Nickelodeon character appearances and a Nickelodeon retail store.

It will be Village Roadshow Theme Parks’ third major investment into children’s attractions in the last 12 months following on from Junior Driving School at Warner Bros Movie World and Wet’n'Wild Junior at Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast.

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Fast & Furious Supercharged: How a Theme Park Ride Takes You to the Streets

We talk to one of the creators of the new Universal Studios Hollywood attraction

June 23, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Opening June 25th at Universal Studios Hollywood, Fast & Furious: Supercharged brings the incredibly successful movie series into the theme park realm for the first time. The new ride has been incorporated into the classic Universal Studio Tour, and includes several stars from the films, including Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson and Luke Evans. A few weeks back, I was given an early look at what to expect from Supercharged from Universal Studios Hollywood Executive Show Producer, Chick Russell, whose previous work for Universal theme parks included Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Transformers: The Ride. Continue article...

Great America: Sky Trek Tower Didn't Drop at High Speed

Riders on Sky Trek Tower were escorted down a staircase after attraction came to a stop Sunday

June 23, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

The Sky Trek Tower, a 28 1/2-story attraction at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, was closed Monday and will remain shut down until it is deemed ready for operation after it came to a stop Sunday and riders had to be escorted down a staircase, a spokeswoman for the amusement park said Monday morning..

According to communication manager Katy Enrique, it took about two hours before all guests were "safely escorted" from the Sky Trek Tower, which has an aerial rotating cabin that descends a tower from 330 feet.

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Alton Towers Hits Back Over Controversial 'Ride Me' T-shirt Complaint

Park claims items not made for children

June 23, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Alton Towers has hit back over concerns about its range of Ride Me t-shirts - which have been called "provocative". According to the Mirror, school IT manager Steve Horsley, 44, from Bedford, said he spotted the "suggestive" tops at the theme park’s main gift shop.

He claimed the clothes could put girls in danger and told the national newspaper: "I was with friends at the time and we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. "They are making these shirts for small-sized girls and they say ‘ride me’ – that’s very suggestive.

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Margate's Dreamland Theme Park Opens to Revellers

A funfair that formed the centrepiece of seaside days out for generations of day-trippers has reopened after an £18m restoration.

June 23, 2015 - Andrew Rybarczyk

Dreamland has 17 vintage fairground attractions from funfairs around the UK in its reincarnation as a heritage amusement park. The site on Margate seafront has been closed for 10 years, with campaigners fighting to save it from development. But it reopened without the Scenic Railway star attraction. Revellers were due to be let into the site at 10.00 BST but the ribbon across the entrance to the park was not cut until 11.00 BST. BBC South East reporter Simon Jones said: "Dreamland has missed its 10am opening time. It was always going to be tight." The organisers apologised to the crowds of people waiting outside, saying they were doing a "bit of tidying up". Continue article...

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