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2015 COASTER-net Coaster Calendar Now for Sale

October 24, 2014 - Daniel Westfall

The COASTER-net Coaster Calendar is back, this time featuring 13 different coasters from 3 different countries and 10 different parks, including photos from eight of our best photographers on

You can order your calendars now by clicking the "Take Me There!" link at the bottom of this article or by pointing your browser to to place your order today!

If you have any questions regarding the calendar, please see this topics announcement in the "Community Updates and Announcements" forum.

Daniel Westfall

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Ride Gallery Update

October 22, 2014 - Dwain Sponseller

Hey Coaster Fans! The Ride Gallery Department has been hard at work over the past month and content is starting to be added on a consistent basis! Within this update, we have a mix of new and old coasters as well as exciting thrill rides. These have been written by multiple members of the RG team so give them a big thanks when you get the chance. Below find links to all of the coasters and rides that we have recently completed. If there is a coaster that you do not see on our list, let us know and we will get it completed!

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COASTER-net Uncut Season 1 Episode 5 B&M vs Intamin

October 3, 2014 - Andrew Rybarczyk

The great debate that has been raging on our forums and others makes its way to the Uncut studios! Join Andy and Danny as they duke it out over which ride manufacturer is better: Intamin or B&M!

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Amusement Park News

Cedar Creek Flyers and New Dining Options Come to Dorney in 2015

All Season Dining Plan also to be added

October 30, 2014 - Andrew Rybarczyk

PRESS RELEASE: Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, the center of summer fun and family entertainment in the Lehigh Valley, will be adding a new family ride, barbeque dining experience and All Season Dining program for season passholders as part of its plan for the 2015 season. The Cedar Creek Flyers will be added to the lower section of the park across from Stinger. This unique experience is an updated version of a classic thrill ride. Riders will sit in one of eight “eagles” suspended from arms 28 feet in the air. As the ride spins, the eagles will swing outward – and riders have the unique opportunity to control their flight experience from mild to wild!

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Employee at Knotts Scary Farm Accused of Battery

Lawsuit Filed claims emotional distress and other injuries

October 29, 2014 - Dwain Sponseller

Haunted houses and corn mazes can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy a fall evening or to celebrate Halloween. This was exactly what Wenjuan Luo, a Los Angeles native was expecting when she attended the events at Knotts Scary Farm in Buena Park last year. According to, a lawsuit was filed in a Los Angeles Court by Wenjuan stating that she was inappropriately touched and verbally abused inside of a haunt at the park. The lawsuit is against the park and also mentions the park owners; Cedar Fair. The suit alleges assault, sexual battery, negligence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

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Rampage at Alabama Splash Adventure Reopens

ACE members first to ride

October 28, 2014 - Dwain Sponseller

Coaster enthusiasts around the world love when there is news of a new ride being built, but the same can be said for a ride that has been closed for a long time and being reopened. This is exactly what is happening at Alabama Splash Adventure. This past weekend, the park opened up the recently renovated Rampage wooden roller coaster. The coaster originally opened in 1998, but when the park closed the doors the coaster sat idle. According to the Tuscaloosa News, this past weekend, the park opened up the coaster for the American Coaster Enthusiasts group if they wanted to be the first to ride the coaster.

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