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Banshee Media Day Updates

April 17, 2014 - Daniel Westfall

Stay tuned to COASTER-net's Forums for the latest updates from Dwain, Danny, Andy, and many more that we have on the ground at Kings Island's Media Day for Banshee!

Please follow us on Twitter @COASTERnet for the latest updates from Andy and the Team!

We will intentionally be "double-posting" throughout the day today so that those following this forum will get an update when there is something new.

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Park Gallery Updates

April 13, 2014 - Danny Miller

The parks are starting to open for the 2014 season, and here at COASTER-net, we are continuing along with our Park Gallery update project. Today, we have updated two Six Flags parks, Six Flags Over Georgia and Six Flags Magic Mountain, two parks heavy on roller coasters. We've also added a new park, Clementon Park & Splash World, a small park in New Jersey with a nice wooden coaster and a large log flume. Outside the United States, we have also added Rainbow MagicLand, a park just outside of the world-famous city of Rome in Italy. Lastly, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has been added.

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Now Hiring

April 12, 2014 - Daniel Westfall

COASTER-net is beginning a Job Fair to fill vacancies in several of our writing departments. We are looking for writers for each of the following positions: News Writers Blog Writers Ride Gallery Authors/Haunt Attraction Author Park Gallery Authors/Haunt Event Author Club Event Staff (Event Planning and Hosting)--Must be 18 years or older Other positions may also available, but we are focusing in on the writers at this time. Anyone interested in working in any of these departments should fill out an application complete with writing samples and references (please no hyperlinks). All applicants must be at least 13 years of age and be a registered member on the COASTER-net forums to be able to apply.

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Amusement Park News

Kentucky Kingdom on a Path to Success

Ed Hart Comforts ACG Investment Group

April 18, 2014 - vogelr3359

Kentucky Kingdom is set to reopen later this spring under new ownership. With its reopening comes a bag of mixed emotions from park guests. While many are excited to see this once booming amusement park, there are some who are nervous that the park will suffer the same fate from its previous owner. Attendance to Kentucky Kingdom tanked in 2008, leading to its close in 2009. Its then owner, Six Flags, walked away from the site after filing under chapter 11. The new owner of Kentucky Kingdom, Ed Hart, only sees success for the park looking forward. Louisville’s own Business First reported on Ed Hart’s latest meeting with ACG Kentucky, a local affiliate of the Association for Corporate Growth, made up of an organization of investors that make financial deals.

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Human Remains Discovered at Sea World San Antonio

No word on who the remains are and what happened

April 15, 2014 - CoasterJunior

Everyone is up for a good mystery book or television show from time to time, but when that mystery becomes real life, things are much different. According to WPTV in San Antonio, Texas, human remains have been found on the property of Sea World San Antonio. Police say that the remains were discovered in a wooded area where thousands of people gather this time of year. The police are certain that the remains are human. "At this point it does appear to be human remains... All indications are there," said Sgt. Javier Salazar with San Antonio police. As of now the police cannot speculate what actually happened.

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Dress Code Change at Adventure Island in the UK

Men must keep their shirts on

April 15, 2014 - CoasterJunior

As the weather turns from a gloomy gray to a bright and sunny blue, it is human nature to want to show off our bodies no matter what we look like. Amusement and theme parks around the world have to deal with dress codes in their own ways especially in the summer time heat. One park in the United Kingdom, which is known for their world record of the most people riding a roller coaster naked, is changing their code to accommodate many patrons who have been complaining over the years. According to the Telegram, Adventure Island located in Southend has implemented a new code where men must keep their shirts on at all times while inside the park.

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