Kings Dominion

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Last Update: December 19, 2013

The biggest snake in the world lives in the most unexpected place... Doswell, Virginia, at Kings Dominion. Anaconda has been snaking its way through Kings Dominion since March of 1991. Anaconda is another fine creation of Arrow Dynamics and the second Arrow coaster to operate at Kings Dominion following the Smurf Mountain mine train. When it opened, Anaconda featured a green-and-orange paint scheme, which was later converted to a bright orange, green, and yellow one. This is a one-of-a-kind coaster, the first in the world to feature an underwater tunnel. With 2,700 feet of track, the big snake takes riders through four inversions at speeds of up to fifty miles per hour while snaking its way over, around, and under Lake Charles.

After the riders board the train at the station, they secure the over-the-shoulder restraints and theyre on their way. First, its a short drop out of the station and straight into the chain lift. Out to the left, there's the towering 2010 giga-coaster Intimidator 305. To the right, there's the water park. And straight ahead, Rebel Yell is visible. The lift hill takes the riders up 128 feet into the sky. Passengers can put on a pose for the on-ride camera and puts their arms into the air as the train flies down a twisting first drop into the underwater tunnel and under Lake Charles. Before the riders know it, theyre flying out of the tunnel and into the first inversion, a classic loop. Once the train slides out of the loop, it goes straight into a sidewinder inversion (a half loop that corkscrews to the side at the top). After exiting the sidewinder, the riders go over a small hill and into a turn that puts the train into the brake section. As the train leaves the brakes, it turns sharply to the side, giving the riders some lateral gs. The track snakes its way around itself a couple times in a butterfly figure-eight element and then goes into the final double corkscrew. These inversions leave the riders dizzy and wanting more. As the train leaves the corkscrew, it goes over a short bunny hop hill and dives under the lift hill. After that, its a short turn and then its into the final brake section and back to the station after a U-turn.

When you visit Kings Dominion, make your way to Lake Charles and ride the biggest Anaconda in the world!

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