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Last Update: December 22, 2013

Virginia is known as one of the major thrill capitals in the United States. Although the state only boasts two theme parks, both of them are world class and contain some of the most thrilling rides and roller coasters. Busch Gardens and Kings Dominion are definite stops on a thrill seeker’s map and the rides that lay within are nothing short of amazing. At Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia there are multiple reasons to celebrate and enjoy a good time. The park is filled with high speed and attractions like Flight of Fear and Dominator and of course the park is best known now for their 305 foot Giga-coaster known as I-305. Kings Dominion may be known for its coaster regime, however you may find that their flats and verts are a thing of beauty as well. One of those fantastic rides is the famous Drop Tower that sits right on the midway.

Drop Tower at Kings Dominion was manufactured by Intamin when the company decided to try out a new style of drop ride. The first generation had 4 to 6 different cars that went up and came down. Towers like this are still in operation in Canada and at Carowinds in the Carolinas. The one that stands in Kings Dominion is called a Gyro Drop. The tower has a circular gondola that holds upwards of 56 people. The ride is also much faster than the Giant Drops as the one at Kings Dominion is the fastest at a speed of 72 mph. The one difference with this particular design compared to its sister at Kings Island is that the gondola does not spin as it makes its way to the top. The gondola stays stationary as it ascends to the top. The tower stands at 305 feet and riders are plummeted to the ground 272 feet which is the longest descent of a Gyro Drop.

Riders enter the queue line off the midway and will wait very little time before boarding the gondola. Riders sit down, pull the OTSR over their heads and snap them in place. The gondola begins the ascent to the top as you rise out of the bottom of the park. The view is much different than that of Kings Island because the ride is located at the bottom of the park. The butterflies in your stomach begin to flutter as you wait in agony for the drop. The drop surprises you as you plummet 272 feet to the ground before the brakes catch you and slowly return you to the platform. As you get out of your seats, you look up to check and see if your stomach has come down yet. That was a ride of a lifetime.

Kings Dominion has a knack for great hospitable workers, world class coasters, and some wicked flat rides. The next time that you are near the capital of Virginia, stop in to Kings Dominion and ride the Drop Tower. You may find it the most exciting thing you have ever done.

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